Academy of Sacred Drama

Sunday, February 23, 2020, 4 p.m.
Corpus Christi Church

Jeremy Rhizor, director and violin
Three singers and seven instrumentalists

The Victim of Love: Oratorio by Antonio Gianettini

Jeremy Rhizor’s mission is to create a comprehensive and totally original listening experience for his audience. He combines a fervent 17th-century oratorio, Gianettini’s La vittima d’amore, ossia La morte di Cristo in a modern-day premiere, a lecture at its midpoint, and a reception after the performance. The oratorio’s text is melancholy: it expresses the pain of Mary and St. John as they accept the necessary sacrifice of Jesus.

Mid-concert lecture and post-concert dessert reception

“A group of four silken-toned string players shared in the melodic bounty, and a continuo … wove ever-changing textures in support. In fact, the whole performance seemed tailored to the present moment, as it breathed melodious life into a dusty manuscript that had waited 300 years to be so up-to-date.” —New York Classical Review

Estimated run time: 140 minutes, including one mid-concert lecture and one intermission.

Artist Bios and Program

The Academy of Sacred Drama seeks to revive one of humanity’s great art forms, present in rituals, in liturgy, and on stage: the sacred drama. The Academy approaches this task as a membership organization of volunteers, supporters, and professionals dedicated to research, education, and the performance of sacred drama. This approach has enabled unusually ambitious projects such as the production of an open-license journal devoted to sacred drama.

The Academy’s creation of editions and translations of little-known baroque oratorios and cantatas has enabled the frequent presentation of modern and American premieres of these works, paired with lectures and receptions. The Academy’s 2019–2020 season features the work of Antonio Gianettini (1648 – 1721): the once-celebrated composer of Baroque oratorio and opera whose name is now almost entirely forgotten in the world of music. It also marks the Academy’s first Westchester season with performances at the Church House at White Plains Presbyterian Church.


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