Music Before 1800 is the longest running early music concert series in New York City. We have been presenting vocal and instrumental chamber music at Corpus Christi Church for over 45 years, with programs of sacred and secular music ranging from Medieval to early Classical. Offering artists of the highest caliber, we present audience favorites as well as rising stars. Our artists, including New York’s finest ensembles, come from across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Our mission is to present programming by outstanding international, national and local early music groups in an acoustically and aesthetically superb setting.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity

Music Before 1800 subscribes to the basic civil rights afforded by the law to every person regardless of race, nationality, color, gender, sexuality, age, religion, or disability. We deplore the senseless acts of violence, as well as the historic and continuing injustices in our community. We strive to cultivate an environment where inclusivity is a staple in all that we do. In carrying out our mission to present music from before 1800, we include performers and composers from underrepresented communities. We continue to work to draw in more diverse audiences and to foster awareness of different early music cultures.

Board of Directors

Jane Alden
Robert E. Anderson
Louise Basbas
Bruce Garetz
Nancy Hager
Susan Hellauer
Stephen Jacobs
Gerald McGee
Katherine Moore

Advisory Board
George Basbas
Joan S. Faber
Judith McGuire
Wendy Powers
Nancy Tooney


Bill Barclay, artistic director
Robby Meese, administrative director
Hannah Yates and Jane O’Wyatt, graphic designers
Stuart Wolferman, Unfinished Side, publicity consultant
Tatiana Daubek, Hudson View Productions, videographer
Robert Anderson, Anderson Sound Recording
Eleanor McGee, development adviser
Barbara Morgan, bookkeeper