Han Tol & Boreas Quartett Bremen

Sunday, January 27, 2019, 4 p.m.
Corpus Christi Church

Five recorder players from Germany

Il flauto magico

“Il flauto magico” describes the recorder as played in consort by the renowned Han Tol and Boreas Quartett Bremen. In nomines by Tye and dances by Holborne and Dowland contrast with music by Vivaldi, Boismortier, and contrapuncti from Bach’s Art of Fugue. Jin-Ju Baek, Elisabeth Champollion, Julia Fritz, and Luise Manske, protégés of Han Tol, play over forty recorders of different sizes.

Pre-concert lecture

“One hour packed with a brilliant amalgam full of affects, atmosphere, colors, composition and polyphonic techniques, harmonies, tempi…. The style of playing is very accurate … the high flutes are never shrill, the bass flutes purr like cats, and the final chords stand firm and solid like a house.”

Review inBlokfluitist”, Vol. 8, No. 2


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