Sunday, April 30, 4 pm
Corpus Christi Church

Benjamin Bagby, voice and harps
Hanna Marti, voice and harp
Norbert Rodenkirchen, flutes

Monks Singing Pagans: Medieval Songs of Heroes, Gods, and Strong Women

Join us for a post-concert Q and A by Benjamin Bagby

Medieval monks sang primarily the required liturgical music of the Church, but they also knew and set to song the pagan tales of the ancient world that had been preserved in the libraries at the great cathedrals. The ever adventurous Benjamin Bagby has reconstructed from fragments these 9th- through 12th-century songs about the exploits of long abandoned Roman gods and heroes.

“Benjamin Bagby’s peculiar genius has less to do with virtuosity than with daring and imagination. His art is speculative reconstruction, and … his results have often been startlingly different from those of his peers, mainly because he is willing to take leaps that others are not.” —New York Times

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